The fruit season is here !

sweet and juicy


ready in a week


The fruit season is the most colorful time of the year in Malaysia. All type of fruits will be emerged in abundance all over the kampungs. My recent trip back to Kelantan last weekend saw some of the fruit trees were heavily produced and would be ready in a week or so. The durians are coming down faster than the others this time around. Everyone has been showcasing the king of fruits along the way from KB to KT and on to Kuantan. I wish to drive a pick-up truck so can pick each and everyone of them.

They taste differently I am sure and out of the world of course.Aaaaahh……just could not get enough of that soft silky goldie skin of durian. Thank God I am here, in Malaysia. One of the things could not get anywhere else in the world. And that night when the durian came down …gggedebooom…it happened that the tree’s just next to my bedroom….I was all excited…waking up everybody to get that durian….until my daughter said —- cool down one gonna take that durian away. Yep I forgot that it is right in our backyard—no one gonna come snooping around looking for that durian.; besides everybody has their own durian trees so they might be fruiting as well. I settled myself down and tried to get back to the book I was reading.

But my mind just went off to the time when I was a child in my grandmother’s orchard (I have an entry on this in “ Remembering Ayah”). I would follow my dad to the orchard and sit in that little barn ( the “bangsal durian”) for hours on end….waiting for the durians to come down. That little barn was made of smashed bamboos and nipah leaves. Not that comfortable just good enough to escape from the falling durians. It was so quiet and hot and sticky……only the sound of the crickets. Then …. gggedebooom… the durian came crashing down…the sound of glory and sense of worthiness even though I hated the bugs that kept biting my neck. Usually the durians come down a lot late in the evening but I did not dare to go there at night as other creatures might come out as well. So I was told. Any way I think they the older guys were trying to keep me the little one at home as there might be a lot of fun at night over there in the orchard. I think smoking was in the agenda as I just could not think of anything else.
For the village folks this is also the time to get some extra money for the mighty durians, especially early in the season as people started to get the taste of it. Nowadays durians come in many names—but “durian kampung” is the dearest. I hate the ones that start with the letter D—D20, D22,D24 etc…..they are so artificial. But of course the smell is so extraordinary; the whole car would smell for weeks and each day it will be getting masamer and masamer(rotting). And don’t go to the surau after your durian meal; because when you burp someone will drop dead—-so stinky. And if you are kelantanese like me; you will eat durian with budu(fish sauce)—-nothing beats that I tell you! If you want a few tips on how to rid the smell; here they are :
1. To avoid the car getting so smelly, put something like bread or arang near the durian in the car boot. Unwrap the bread and let it absorb all the smell.
2. To avoid yourself walking around smelly, eat some other fruits after the durian like rambutan or banana. Black coffee will also do the trick.

…but whatever it is never give up the durian, the taste and the smell that are so Malaysian.

…now where did I put my durian shots! never mind you know how they look like,right!

2 thoughts on “The fruit season is here !

  1. Looks like Dr is a big fan of durian. Most of the entries talk about durian…yay, malaysian should proud of the king fruits we enjoy much todays…but not for my children and me! only my wife likes it…


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