The Weekend MJ Died

The weekend is gone as quickly as it came; promising a relief from the hectic week. Not that I am a high profile corporate figure, but an ordinary Shah Alam citizen that sees the days getting shorter and the weeks folded without notice. So the weekend came as a breather to restore the peace in a hostile mind. But as I glance through the weekend plan; Allah has His plan for me and He is the greatest planner of all. Late Friday news reached us that our neighbor’s mom has passed away. Of course that came around after the shocking wake-up news from my wife about the death of MJ and FF. Although I am not a music fan, the death of MJ slit a sorrow wound across my heart. I was there in the US when he became a superstar. I heard his song when he was a regular black singer before his super stardom. He touched everyone with his silky voice and cool moves including myself. Anyway let’s not go overboard here and do something silly. He was human and death is certainly inevitable; get over it and move on. The death of our neighbor’s mom has clouded a sense of sorrow among us; so we will help him go through it and just to let him know that we are here for him. We will spend the weekend with him for prayers and quranic reading.

Saturday was the report card at my son and daughter’s school- Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam. I had to skip that and asked my wife to go instead. There would be a meeting later that morning for me to attend. They are doing fine I am sure. Nowadays parents have to get involved with the education to assure the learning is experienced properly. The meeting was not okay I must as majority did not turn up. I guess Saturday was not a good day to meet if you plan at the last minute as people have loads of other commitments already. I had a few khenduri to attend myself and they were all happening at the same time; so I picked one and got on the highway and joined the rest of the khenduri-goers. It was okay as we did not get lost and reached the place just in time with everybody else. After makan2 and chit-chat we headed off home. The tahlil will be later in the evening. Maryam and Ahmad were sleeping-over at their friend’s. Thought to get some durians as the season seemed to have started but changed my mind ; maybe some other time. Sunday morning breakfast at mamak’s with Umi, Ifah And Qilah for some delicious tosai and roti canai. So yummy. Afternoon met my student to sort out personal problems. I was really at odds as I just did not really know how to handle it. But listened anyway and gave my opinion. Hope it will be useful. As always we would not miss a lecture by our smackdown ustaz—Ustaz Nazmi Karim. The kuliah was about tafsir surah Luqman and stories about Weis al Qarni. Then went to meet an old friend at his child’s birthday party—a bit awkward to organize this sort of majlis on Sunday nite. I think due to that the turn out was very low. I was hoping to meet old friends from Wichita State University; but again who is going to come on Sunday night!

So another weekend has gone by and tomorrow Monday a big event at the faculty to meet our Tan Sri Datuk Sri VC UiTM. I can see the speech coming ….. aaarrrgh.

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