In Mecca : Waiting For Zuhr Prayers

A lot of things have been happening so fast that I could not jot them down all at once. Thought to bring my laptop along but snap it in the last minute due to security reasons. People are scared everywhere nowadays and lap top can be a good target to find all sort of reasons to hold you. One thing after raveling through airports in the Arabic countries is that they could pin point you in anytime and give reasons beyond your imagination to hold you off. And when language is unfamiliar to you then you are dead meat in no time.

I was ridiculously stopped for a pen. Somehow I had a pen hidden discretely within my stuff in the bag. I did not notice that stupid pen myself but it came up on the screen and everyone just kinda bit too excited. Anyway,right now we are in the great holy city of Mecca. In the middle of another hot day that can burn your head in an instant. The best clothes to put on would be a jubah ( that long dress) and a head gear. That’s why they have such a cloth in Arabia—it’s so handy and suitable. The heat is just unbearable; but it’s nice and cosy inside the mosque.

People have started to fill up every spot in the praying area, escaping the heat around the Kaabah. But you know people are crazy sometime when there is a group of people still doing the tawaf even under the scorching sun and 43 over degrees. Somethings are unimaginable here in Mecca. Well it was where miracles happened some 1400 years ago. Amazing isn’t it. Here I am doing the rituals that have been going on for thousand of years even before Islam. This place has been the center of spiritual pilgrimage for so long and I am here as well continuing the traditions. Very much thankful to Allah for giving me this opportunity.

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