At The Raudhah

Raudhah is the place to be in the Prophet’s mosque. It was the place where the Prophet used to worship and make prayers during his life with the Companions in Madinah. The place where wishes are granted and prayers answered. The problem is the place is small and cannot accommodate the visitors all at once. So there we shove and push ourselves into the crowd and impatiently wait for an empty space. InsyaALlah if you have the intention to be there, you will be there and there will be a place for you in that little garden. Allah will make it easy for you. He has made easy Alhamdulillah for me to make solat and offer prayers; an opportunity that was difficult to come by before. I have come here with ,my family to visit the Prophet, his family and his Companions, and so far it had been great and we loved it heavenly. In the Raudhah people act and pray in their own free style, asking ALlah for whatever worldly difficulties that they have been facing. I saw in many of them peace and satisfaction after the prayers; as if the burden has lifted from their shoulders. Hoping ALlah heard them well and will answer their prayers. The answer to their prayers would come around eventually as it was to me. The only thing is that you need to confident in your prayers. I mean really confident that the answers to their call will come to them. In fact this is the power of every muslim in handling and tackling their problems. However some of us don’t really bother to use it and have faith in it.

The ambience in and around the Raudhah has brought into reality the history of the Prophet and his companions that we heard over and over again during the kuliah. The life of the Prophet and his Companions seems to be simple yet full of heavenly nur and tranquility of the heavenly garden. As I ponder beyond the modern accessories of the floor, walls and ceiling, I wish to be among the Companions ; listening to the Prophet about the news from the heavens. How I would be intrigued or maybe shocked with the news but later on religiously embrace them in my life. To be among the Companions whom Allah has granted “redha” and heaven for their perseverance to uphold Islam and the prophet. How I wish to meet my Prophet during every prayer that I attended. I long for my beloved prophet and wish to be one day united with him.

After Asr Prayers

The sun was still burning my face; pinching every inch of the exposed skin. I pace through the crowd to the open door of the mosque as if I was invited to a big party. Like someone is waiting for me inside the mosque; indeed it was. The prophet was there and so were the Companions like Abu Bakr and Umar. The crowd was huge but I did not care as I was used to it ; feeling very welcome indeed. After the Asr prayer met a friend of mine from Dungun and his family. As I was speaking to him my eyes spied a small place there in the mosqye where the crowd gathered for doa and solat. I heard about this place—an elevated platform where the Companions used to gather with the prophet. They were called as-Suffah such as Abu Hurairah (rd) and the like. I approached the place and checked it out just to make sure. I finally found the place I’ve been looking for. Awesome. I immediately got a space and offered a prayer. I brought myself to the time of the Companions who used to gather to listen to the Prophet after the ‘Asr prayer; exactly the time I was there.

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