When God talked to me …

The first thing that comes to your mind must be … this fella is cracking down already, he’s going nuts. But let me ask you this then… do you believe in God ? well if you do, God must be able to talk to you as well. If you feel such an action is too extreme then don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to you or any member of your family. None of that nonsense. If you believe me then..good…you know what I’m talking about.

God did not talk to me directly but through someone; however, the message is direct. The moment I received the message I know right there and then that it is for me. I know because no one knows that particular information. No one whomsoever on the face of this planet and beyond except , of course, God himself. It IS from Him to me. Have you ever come across this situation? When out of no where; things happened to you. Maybe your wishes have been granted, or your prayers have been answered. You feel protected whenever you were most vulnerable. You passed your test when you already have prepared for the failure. Someone IS listening , don’t you think so? Please say yes because if not I must be going a little bit over the edge. The whole day today I tried to comprehend what was happening and I have come to a conclusion that my life is now has entered into a new dimension. Nothing spectacular; it is just changing.

Let say you make a phone call, you dial a number and press the call button. When you hear the ringing at the other end you know that the number is correct and the phone is working. You wait. At this stage you are in waiting mode, right, anxiously waiting and thinking of what to say and what not to say. Your emotions are mixed without knowing which one to fire. Happy. Sad. Glorious. Angry. They are all there within you waiting to be picked to accompany your next move. Once the caller picks up the phone and greet you; you have immediately entered into a new dimension. You say something and with that the right emotion will be triggered. Maybe happy for talking to your friend on the other side. So I was talking that kind of changing.

I have been trying to make contact with God for so many times in my prayers. The line has been ringing so I know the number was right; now He has finally answered my call and put my life “on line”. Thank you.

So what was the message ? Let it remain a secret, locked inside me just like a small candle with a little light….bright enough for me to go my way. I am just happy to be with God. Don’t you think it is time to make your call as well?

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