Today’s Khutbah : Hati Ibu

The oration from today’s pulpit was so touching. It was about our attitude towards mothers. We all have our mother; some might be still well and healthy and some might already lose her. So the subject was very close to our hearts. The part that I remember the most, in between my sleepy moments, was that ….

” kita berlumba2 mencium tangan orang 2 yang kita kagumi dan hormati tapi adakah kita juga mencium tangan ibu? ” ( we go all the way to kiss the hand of those that we admire and respect but have we kissed our mother’s ?)

so very true isn’t it? a slap on the forehead, I’d say! I could hear some people around me sobbing quietly and the other guy wiping the tears away. I guess people don’t sleep off the khutbah anymore; they actually listened to the contents. but if the content is about the good promises that the so-and-so politicians have made and how we the people should be thankful….then we better off dozing away to the never-never land.

And today there was a makan-makan….some leftovers from the previous program. Never mind that…just be thankful. Thank you God!

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