Another Trip To UPM

I just could not get enough of UPM. I love the trees, the greens and the “old stuff” around the campus that really put me in peace. I regret for not having the opportunity to be part of UPM. Tak der rezeki, some people say. You see back in 1988 I received a call from Prof Abu Talib; back then he was in the Faculty of Computer Science, and offered me a lectureship. I just came back from the US and was sleeping around the house for not knowing what the heck really I was suppose to do. I talked to him and he said the form will be on the way, you fill it up and send it back to us. The borang never came and when I called back no one knew what I was talking about. So naive and lack of information I just left it at that and never pursued that half-baked offer. If I just happened to hop on one of the late night buses to KL; things could be different. But again my life would be in different path…I guess it is the case of predetermination or Qadha’ and Qadar. I met Prof Abu Talib many years later and he barely remembered the incident, again I believe it never meant to be. Today I was in the Faculty of Forestry, the only faculty of such in the country( so I was told) and really enjoyed the serene environment. Having lunch at the gerai there with food which I think not meant for human consumption but I swallowed it nevertheless to feel the surrounding environment. A couple of hours later I’ve got a nasty stomach ache from that lunch food. But it’s OK because I was there in UPM the place I was never meant to be.

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