Health Screening at UiTM

I pissed a bottle full of urine. They took a couple of tube (40ml) of my blue-blood for all sort of tests. I just could not imagine so much of my good blood being extracted away for reasons that I never know. They promised to come back with the analysis.
Then I went for the following tests :

  1. BP : 157/93 (hypertension warning)
  2. Grip test : left: 38 right:34
  3. ECHO : normal heart
  4. ECG : normal heart rate
  5. ABI : 150/130 = 1.15 : normal
  6. lung : 3.4;297;467
  7. PWV : artery normal, BP high

This Health Screening program was organised by the faculty of medicine with support from WHO. So it is free!. They go around the country to take the samples as part of their research project. Check them out, maybe they will come near your place. Contact Pusat Kesihatan UiTM for further details. It is open to everyone above 35 years old.

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