It’s Friday again!

Time flies and before you know it it’s Friday again. What have I done this week? Not much really….I mean nothing. I finished a couple of reports ,that’s it. It’s school holidays so things are very hectic at home. It looks hectic really; because when everyone is at home the noise level is on top notch; ass-kicking activities are at rampant, whining sounds are all over and things do not just settle down like that….they go on ….like forever. The house used to be quiet most of the time and by the late afternoon everything settled down and we plan for tomorrow. So when chaos is the order of the day, I just could not think straight and before you realize it is already 4.50 pm.

Ifah has not been well this week, she got an infection in the lung and kept coughing for over a week. The doctor got to see her today , ordered an x-ray and a blood test ;the Doc seemed relief and issued her a clean bill of health. Nothing to worry about, he said, this medicine will clear her lung in a few days. If not then come back, we try another way. I wonder what that will be. Anyway if you don’t trust your doctor ,then who else ? Ariefah seems to be OK, responding to the treatment better. I hope she will take care of her health more and take the medicine as prescribed.

My heart goes to Datuk Hassan Din today as he was admitted to the ICU for falling down in the bathroom at UTM Skudai. We held a hajat prayer after The Friday prayers for him to be at ease in his great struggle to return to his normal health. At 62, it must be hard for him as the body is not as strong as it used to; may Allah give him strength and courage to battle this through. He is a man that we all know, everyone in Malaysia and his pain is ours to be endured as well. Wish him well.

And today the workmen are here to start a work on the toilet that has been leaking for ages. My house is a wreck at the moment and as the toilet being the most important part of the house things will be difficult for a while. My in-laws are here for a visit so that will be something…with the toilet is upside down I myself feel at odd.

Have a great weekend!

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