I am all ears …

I’m not sure whether that expression is right or not but it sounds like that or something like that…trying to listen to somebody’s plight. I drove to USJ this drizzly morning to meet up with a couple of friends. They need someone to listen to their ordeal; and thought I might be the best person to talk to. I was not sure myself what the fuss was all about but went along anyway. I arrived there a bit late due to normal traffic jam in Subang Jaya and started to ask what is it all about. From what I understood it’s nothing serious; a regular problem facing most students all the time. I guess they just need someone to listen that’s all. And I just sat there listening, comprehending and occasionally responding to the discussion. I just do not believe that I really did not do anything; just listening to what they have to say. I think my listening is getting better.

I used to be so wrong when it comes to listening. Making the talker more upset than the two of us. The art of listening has to be acquired, learned and practiced for it to get better and better.But when I am watching TV then nothing else will get into my ears other than the voices of Jandi, Junpyo, Jihu…hmmmm those are the Korean fellas from Boys over flower. But my dear wife will definitely have something to say or tell me when I am all ready to set off to Seoul, Korea …… so things will get difficult sometimes.

But listening to the Friday sermon is quite an experience one has to persevere, don’t you think? Especially when you have just finished a bowl of sup tulang from the near by sup power from somewhere. The head starts to get heavier by the minute; and you wish to rush by the wall and lean for a while. It is rare to get an exciting sermon these days more so if the sermon is read off the manuscript.

As I grow older I listen to myself more than before. Usually I would listen to others for what to do and how to do it; but lately I have become more comfortable to listen to my heart and soul for what I want and what I should do. After all I am completely responsible for what I do so why not just listen to myself for a change. I guess I have found this inner satisfaction in doing that….a complete self that is able and active.

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