The Day The World was Blessed

12 Rabiul Awwal… the prophet Muhammad (saw) was born in Mecca. People have talked about this every year for more than a thousand years. The prophet was indeed very special to us all. The first 13 years in Mecca and the next 10 years in Medina had seen a man struggled to bring Islam to the world. The simple life of Arabic pheasants have been transformed into the most structured social strata the world has ever seen. They conquered the world and showed people the way to the heavens. The glorious days of Islam have today turned into days of conflicts and confrontations. The light that the prophet brought to the world has started to dim. People are in the dark walking towards the many lights that deceive them and lead to destruction. We are in need of the guidance that was shown to humanity some 1430 years ago. Today we want to remember Prophet Muhammad for the nur and path of Islam he brought to the world.

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