Got My Passport

I spent about half an hour today at The Immigration Office in Shah Alam to get my international passport. I did not believe it ….half an hour!. I guess services are getting better at the other counters as well. It used to be like forever to get a passport; but today it came down to about half an hour. It costs me RM300. I would like to thank officer Kak Mah for being so nice and very helpful. The atmosphere at this office in Shah Alam was not as hectic as I thought it might be. Everyone got the service fairly quickly as I observed during the waiting. So thumbs up to The Immigration Office Shah Alam. You guys have changed for the better, keep up the good work.

So my quest to travel to Bonn, Germany continues. I need to find a sponsor to support my travelling and accomodation expenses. UiTM? MOSTI? MOHE? naahae! It’s gonna be difficult but insyaALlah someone out there will be generous enough to fulfill my quest.

Why Bonn? Read here.

If nothing came up positively, I could just pop off to Bali or Phuket or better yet just follow AirAsia to their free destination flight.

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