The game of politics

It has rules that nobody knows what they are exactly. The aim is of course to win no matter what the outcome is. A truly notion of a win-win situation paradigm. The players are those with high ambitions and deep pockets. They have little interest in championing the true cause of the house but they fight furiously for the title and reputation that come with it. The game is played almost everywhere ; in the election, in the office, persatuan, schools, faculties, masjid and suraus, persatuan penduduk and the like. The format is exactly the same; the degree of consequences might differ but it bares the same footprint.

Maybe we all are aware of the politics of the day : the Barisan and the Pakatan games of politics. It’s mindboggling and could turn an average Malaysian into modern Frankerstein that master the art of mad science as well as the science of anal intercourse. When your child ask about what is anal intercourse (AI) then the best possible answer to that is …”wait until you get into politics son, then you will know”.

But the game has powerful impact. It could ruin the whole country when it is not played well. The mere act of switching sides could turn the game around and thus gives a grave impact on the state and the people in it. Is it fair to let these people play around with the life of the masses? The answer is not about game they play but who is playing and how it is played. Politics are part of our life; we just could not get away from it whether we like or not. People have opinions about things. We want to run our life according to these opinions that we understand are the right ones. At the same time there are other opinions from other people that run against ours. They want their set of opinions for their own bloody life. Both sides argue theirs are the right one for the land. So the game of politics begin. We play on the big field called election and sometime on the small field called by-election; with rules referred to as democracy. Everything seems okay until the time the game starts. When the sweat starts to drip off the chin; the real spirit strikes out with greed and self-centeredness. Everything goes as long as the game is won. Money and extortion are the weapons for the 11th hour. If that do not work than wet pussy will be on the menu. Nothing can beat that, can’t it?

We like this game because everybody can play. You won ,you’d get the land. What a handsome prize! Dirty tricks are common order of the game so the soft-hearted ones can just never dream to get into the game. Good players are those with faces thick like the Berlin wall, see nothing but opportunities, feel nothing but the spirit to win and fear no one until everyone is at his feet. Politicians are like that; but great politicians have something else—the charm and the energy to drive the inner self of everyone else to believe in him….as in Barack Obama .

The four shitheads in Perak (more here) have brought the game of politics to the lowest , dirtiest level imaginable. A sad story for Malaysian politics. They betrayed the people and breached all moral values for some worldly gains. The thing is that this is real , in your face and mine so whether we like or not, we have to face it. But if the people put them into that seat than through God’s grace the power of the people will someday kick their ass out of that same seat. let’s wait who will get the last laugh!

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