Friday the 13th

The phobia of Friday the 13th has a deep root in the western society. As described here.

The scariest movie of all(during that time ) But now we have even more scarier especially the Korean ones. aaarghhhh…..I hate scary movies…so takut.

Remember Freddy.

For me this Friday is the same as any other Friday in my life…with the yeeehhhaaa factor. Yeeehhhaaaa….the weekend is here!. In my hometown in Kelantan , Friday is a super special day, where the only legitimate activities to be held on this day are religious in nature. The streets are deserted in most places except around the morning market. There is one near my house (Wakaf Bharu) where things are sold dirt cheap.In Pasir Mas, things are even cheaper. I just could not understand how can they can make a living selling stuff with those prices. But then if you increase the price who are gonna buy your stuff. So every Friday after the Fajr prayers and morning kuliyyah people will throng the morning market to buy things. This will go on until noon when the men will start to prepare for Friday prayers. Everyone (the men) will go and listen to the sermon.

I still remember the Fridays when I was in a boarding school in Kelantan. Since there was no classes in this day, it was supposed to be fun but for me and the rest of my school mates Fridays were the-big-ass-days ….the inspection day. I remember to be so scary although I really had nothing to worry….you know being so naïve and innocent little boy. Early in the morning I would get up and get myself ready. The dorm leader had already assigned a task to get the room prepared for the inspection. You made your bed and lined your toothbrush, toothpaste and soap on a clean towel neatly on the bed . This is one thing that has become my habit until today; make my bed every morning before leaving the room. The shoes and uniform must be very neat and clean for the event. There was one senior in my dorm that had never done the things himself…and he would come around and forced the little ones( I was in Form One) to do the chores for him. He slept very late and got up very very late…..and on Friday that would mean very very bad for us. One Friday morning he got up late….it was almost the time to get ready; he called me up, went to him and “sembah” him and asked what does he want….pegi turun ambik nasi lemak dan telur rebus kat dewan, saya nak makan!…but it’s almost time ,I would not make it for the inspection, I argued with myself…..PEGI!(GO!) and gedebuk kena sepak… it was hopeless to argue with the animal such as this one so I went running down the stairs to the dining hall and got a plate of nasi lemak with that ugly looking sambal bilis and telur rebus with teh O. The time was almost up with a few minutes to spare. I gave him the plate; hey tunggu sini, nanti bawa balik turun ke dewan …. Yes he wanted me to wait for him like a dog and clean up after he had finished. If the warden saw this plate here we would be in a lot of trouble. The bell rang, it’s time to get ready, the warden would come around soon. And this guy still had not finished his nasi lemak. Huh ambik ni pegi bawa turun bawah…..I took the plate like a fcuking slave never looked straight to him and went away. I could not go down anymore because the stupid prefects would see me and asked a lot of ridiculous questions. Oh dear! now what?!….without much choice I slipped it under the table in the study room. I didn’t use the room so they could not possibly blame me or any of my friends; so I would be safe. I put down the thing and went back to my place.

Everyone would look nervous when the “entourage” approached the room. They all wore black shoes with hard sole; so would make that horrible knocking sound as they came nearer and nearer. The seniors would get very “pucat “ because they hid their cigarettes all over the dorm….in the shoes, behind the window frames …. And today they found a new place….inside my bloody pocket… naughty but very smart indeed. Nobody would suspect this innocent looking kid had a pack of Marlboro in his back pocket. I was okay but was very “pucat kesi” for being involved. I never smoked when I was in school. I guess “penakut” was the best word to describe why I did not do it. Everyone else seemed to try a few puff once in a while. I just did not do it…..until after the SPM .

Fridays were also the time to go outing to Kota Bharu. Usually we would go and just hung around the city with nothing to do (because we got money enough only for the bus fare back to school) and walked around the smelly market to kill the time.

OMG, I long for those Fridays, give me back my free-and-relax Fridays, please!

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