Good Morning To Me !

The early morning traffic in Shah Alam is bustling with parents ferrying their children to the nearby schools. It is our daily routine and those with schooling children know exactly the hectic moments behind our closed doors. The unforgiving scenes must be the time to wakeup the little lazy eyes. Sometime the older ones have the same problem too. I would call out names and they responded with the humming sounds for a few more minutes of sleep.”You better get up now and don’t make me go over and …bla…bla”, I would say with a higher tone. If you want to know, I am short-tempered and will get easily agitated if someone ignores my call…and my children know this very well. But they don’t give any attention to that. Abah is always like that !…and they just do whatever they want to do. They always stayed up late at night for chatting and watching youtube. Once, I was distrubed in the middle of the night by a strange sound outside my room just to find out someone was doing the shuffling….you know that stupid step dance that the teenagers are into now. I know teenagers are the most complicated species in the world and I have a couple of them at home enough to get me excited for the wrong reasons. Despite all that, I love them very much, of course.

Now that we have a Bibik, the burden is less on me to get them prepared for school. I can just focus on my much awaited breakfast…..toasted bread with butter and honey and a cup of refreshing Tenom coffee from Sabah. I have been starving all night. I made a habit to have heavy meal only once a day—and that will be rice with everything on it—at about 4pm and that’s it no more rice until the next day. Well sometimes I cheated but that doesn’t count…hahahaha! Anyway, this has been going on for a while and I can keep my weight steady. It doesn’t go down but the important part for me is that it doesn’t go up. I have a couple of Calvin Klein’s men sweater in my closet that I can’t wait to put on. I feel like a male model going down the runaway when I tried it on but the extra tummy spoils it all. You know that spare tyre around your waist that will bulge out when you sit……aarrggghhh so pathetic. But ONE day, yes one day I will be gorgeous in that sweater!

But Shah Alam is a nice city. I do feel comfortable here now compared to 4-5 years ago when we first moved from Dungun, Terengganu. Most of the time Shah Alam is quiet and serene; it would go mad only when the students are around. The streets will go mad, the restaurants will go mad, the banks will go mad; just about everything will go mad in Shah Alam when students are around. It’s good for business but not for a resident like me. I will go mad as well!

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