Farewell To All My Fellow Alumni

Bissmillahi rahmaani raheem
Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

SEMESTA ,as an association for SMS Kelantan/ SMTMFP/ SMSTMFP alumni, has always been trying to find ways to facilitate the needs and requests from all the members. We often talk about the old times when we have a chance to meet in a reunion or bump into each other in town. We might look different now with physical appearance in extra sizes , having position high in a corporate ladder, blessed with many off springs , wheeling around with a luxurious Brabus , rubbing shoulders with high flying politicians or rendering love notes with young popular artists. Whoever we are at the moment we still remember our humble beginnings. The best part is that we share this humble beginning with the rest of our class that might be numbered into a hundred. So at a reunion table we fool around at each other as if we were back in time 20 or 30 years ago. The names, the faces ,the places and the things that we had done are recalled amidst the laughter we long for so many years. Nothing could be more refreshing after an absence of such company other than a good old tale of events that happened over a decade ago.

SEMESTA was formed in 1996 by a group of concerned alumni. The main objective of SEMESTA is represented by its theme which is “kembali berbakti”. The platform for all alumni to go back and contribute something to the school where we began to know the world around us. Now that some of the alumni may have reached the pinnacle of life, it is about time to look back and preserve the well being of the place that we used to call home. The contribution could be in any form that might benefit the school as a whole; be it in the form of financial aids, materials, trainings or just an hour of ceramah. As far as the activities are concerned, our alumni through SEMESTA, have responded very well to the call for “kembali berbakti”. The real proof of this concern is in the form of a majestic Masjid SEMESTA which was completed in 2001. It has resolved the problems of performing Jumaat prayers for the students as well as other spiritual activities. Back in the old days, we have to walk or ride a bus to the nearby mosques. We hope all citizen of the school will make full use of this mosque religiously. SEMESTA has also responded to the call of needy students at the school. A charity fund was set up to give away some pocket money for these students. At the moment we have managed to support 15 students for a RM70-a-month allowance. Every alumni has contributed to this cause one way or another; even, our patron himself, YAM Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Ibn Sultan Ismail, has given his personal donation of RM5000 for this charity fund. We are thankful for His Royal Highness’s generosity and gratitude. Apart from that, SEMESTA has continuously come back to give talks and organised programs for the students. There are some alumni who cannot contribute in term of materials but are able to do training and conduct programs for the students; therefore SEMESTA has facilitated such programs in the past. SEMESTA has been consistently committed to our code of honour — “kembali berbakti” –and will continue to do so for so many years into the future, InsyaAllah.

To the school and teachers, SEMESTA would like to congratulate for the successful year in academic. We hope that all the teachers will continue to deliver excellent teachings as well as disseminating holistic education in life. The monetary rewards would never compensate the pain and the challenge caused in doing this job. Teaching is very noble and only God Almighty deserves the right to reward all the teachers here in this world and the hereafter. We pray that our intention is on the right path with complete sincerity and honesty.
As we stand and deliver
The light will always shine

To those who need to learn
To those who wish to lead
To those who have to feed
To anyone who wants to live

Be thankful for the opportunity
That dawns upon us

Not for the dollars and cents
Neither rewards nor reservations
Power or prosecutions
Or praises people give

But the ultimate please
From the One who created

Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alameen

To those students who are leaving the school, I would like to welcome all to SEMESTA and continue our noble tradition of “kembali berbakti”. As alumni of SMSTMFP, we should be proud of our alma mater and find all possible ways to “payback” for all the great memories and excellent learning environment that we have enjoyed for so many years. I would like to congratulate for your successful years at SMSTMFP and pray for fruitful opportunities for the years to come . Please contact our Secretariat as soon as you have settled down in your new place of study.
As you leave this haven
Remember your friends and teachers

As you journey the world
Remember your first step at the school

As you reach for the skies
Remember the dreams you once had

As you hold that scroll
Remember the promises you once made

As you taste that first success
Remember what your teachers once said

As you live your high life
Remember where it all began

It began right here
At this very school
With smelly socks and sticky armpits
Naive faces and nervous voices
First loves and nasty fights
Rules and rules and ….a lot of rules
To teach you about life and living

So …
Remember to come back and ….
kembali berbakti

Finally, I would like to thank all alumni for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone and have a nice day.

Wassalamulaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.

Prof Madya Dr Nordin Abu Bakar
Presiden SEMESTA( 2007-09)

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