Do You Have UFOs(Unidentified FLOATING Objects) in your Eyes ?

It’s scary and nuisance but real. People do have these floating objects in their eyes. They are called floaters. And somehow could not get rid of them. Imagine the unbearable discomfort that these people have to suffer. From the information that I gathered, this thing is not painful but very annoying. It’s like having something blocking your view but you just could not get rid of it—-like your neighbor’s dead flower pot so annoyingly situated on the fence right above your beautiful flower bed. It spoils the whole garden.

What are Eye Floaters ?

The eye is a ball filled with a gel/liquid type substance that is the vitreous humor. It is what maintains the eye’s round shape. Eye Floaters are dead tissue cells that get trapped in the vitreous humor (or the liquid that fills the eye ball and keeps it a round shape). As with the natural aging process, dead tissue is produced and
suspended in this liquid. These dead tissue cells cannot be removed since the eye is a closed and is sealed off. There is no means for the natural tissue debris to be removed. This dead tissue that is suspended in the vitreous humor casts a shadow in the retina—which is the part of the eye with photoreceptors that allow for sight. This shadow onto the retina is what causes the Eye Floaters to be seen.

All people are physiologically made up to have Eye Floaters. It is part of aging. It is apart of life. There is no immunity. There are no preventive measures that can be
done. There are no natural means to be rid of them.

I am glad to find such an informative site talking about this stuff. You can find more about Eye Floaters, why and how it happens as well as advice on how to deal with it. For more information, please go to or click here.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have UFOs(Unidentified FLOATING Objects) in your Eyes ?

  1. People who are nearsighted are more prone to eye floaters. Excessive computer use or near work may contribute to the onset of floaters as well. As one ages, the vitreous gel (which helps maintain the shape of the eye) starts to liquefy, adding more stress on the connective tissue between the vitreous sac and retina, thereby increasing one’s risk of getting eye floaters.Sometimes an eye floater may be simply debri left over from fetal development where blood vessels no longer needed did not completely dissolve, leaving bits of debri in the vitreous gel. This debri may have just been out of “field of focus”, then for whatever reason floated into view.Anyone experiencing a sudden increase in eye floaters should get examined by their eye doctor.Diet, lifestyle, and specific nutrient supplementation can play a role in preventing eye floaters.Based on Chinese medicine, there is an energetic system within the eyes that slowly works on breaking down the eye floaters. This energetic system can be enhanced by cleansing and tonifying the Liver (meridian). The Liver meridian in Chinese medicine “opens to the eyes”, and is the main channel of energy responsible for overall healthy vision.Daily eye exercises also help maintain healthy vision. For a demo of 3 great eye exercises by Dr. Grossman, one of the Country’s leading behavioral optometrists, go to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">

    <> For more information on eye floaters and ways they may be prevented and possibly helped, go to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Natural Eye Care for Floaters<>


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