When Are We Going To Learn

When they cried for help we gave’em deaf ears
When they asked for fund we turned away
When the the donation box came crawling, we pushed it away
When the jihad was called we sat cowardly
When the TV flashed the news we changed the channel
When they gave reasons we echoed with a thousand questions
When the war raged the land we created songs
When the death toll was announced we counted the number
When the houses crumbled to the ground, it was how things are over there
When the babies died, we felt nothing could be done
When the masked man appeared we believed they are really terrorists
When are we going to learn
To feel the pain and frustration
That Palestinians live by day and night
With death and sufferings
Not knowing when it will end
Only certain that it won’t be anytime soon
Leaders talk
News filled the air
And we watched…..when are going to learn
For every puff we put in the air ,children had been shot dead
For every burger we ate, we paid for the weapons
For every cola we drank, the innocent blood would spill
For every fried chicken we had, a bomb would destroy a village
The world is so fierce and brutal
But it is ours to live in
When are we going to learn
That our little effort would mean a lot
not because we have to
but because we want to
To make the world a better place
just to live and to wait
for another day, another hope …..

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