Save Gaza, Save the Ummah

The event last Saturday will be a witness that we do care for the sufferings of the people in Gaza.Held at Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam (Section 4, across the street from Pasar Section 6) the event was organized by ISSA, IHSAN(ISSA’a Help & Support Network) and Aman Palestine. Two of my children are attending this school.

Why does Palestine matter so much ?

For so many years we have been seeing, hearing and listening to the helpless cries of the Palestinians. In fact the atrocities have been going on for over 60 years. Everybody listened but no one seems to find any solution. The complexity deepens and the crisis continues. Muslim act like the problem is not theirs but an isolated people over there somewhere in the middle east. In Malaysia we have heard this notion as well; everyone just listened and could not care less. We pushed away the donation box as if we owned the few ringgits in our pocket for eternity. We heard in distance away the children crying for help, the mothers praying for food to eat and the fathers in silence looking hopeless; but pretend they were noises from unknown land. Not OURS. The act of ignorance and insensitive.

Palestine is not only about money and sadaqah. Palestine is about jihad and responsibility. It keeps the mercury of iman and taqwa. Palestine stands as a trial for Muslim to persevere their faith and commitment to the words of God. From the three haram lands, Allah gives peace to Makkah and Madinah but not Palestine. It remains a land with bloodied war and conflicts and even if the troubles subsided ; there will be people trying to ruin the whole thing. Palestine is the land of Anbiya and has been claimed by the Jews, Christians and Muslim. The battle to take Palestine away from each other has seen endless conflicts for thousand of years.

To Love Palestine is the sign of iman and taqwa. We have to bring it close to our hearts more than anything else.

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