Ushering 2009

I started my 2009 by escaping the mad KL traffic; with people trying to get into the city center for the celebration. I disappeared into the dark Karak highway and joined a handful of people heading home to Kelantan. I was surprised to find this small group of travellers getting away from the NY’s celebration in the city. I guess they are as I am; tired of celebrating the start of time that sees resolutions that have never been appreciated , promises that stay as a promise and expectations gone beyond the practical of own self. Stop lying to yourself; nothing good is coming out from this so called celebration. maybe just a reason to get high, get drunk and get laid. A complete recipe for a devastated human spirit. but in malaysia semua boleh !

The roads through Bentong, Raub and Kuala Lipis were strangely quiet. maybe they were all in KL clogging the streets all around the city. I was there; got lost and ended in Pudu of all the places. But it was a good night to travel; nice weather and a company of talkative children. I got 4 of them at the back of my car. that means one is out of the seat belt….and today is the start of the nightmare that we all have to buckle up at the back. I hope those JPJ people would rather go partying than snooping other people’s car windows looking for extra kid without the seat belt. The problem with travelling at night is that we have to deal with express buses which become the king of the road at this point and time. They violated every single rules in the book. I was doing 120 and still could not catch up with that double decker buses…pergghhhh. the winding road in the Lipis-GM stretch just did not bother them to slow down. By 6am I was knocking at my mentua’s house, and they thought the burglar was at the door. Hmmm…ada pencuri juga kat kampung ya!

The good thing that happened today ; the first day of 2009, I stumbled into a wedding ceremony. Ada orang kahwin rupanya today. our cousin got married and i had enough time to make it to the ceremony. my head was a bit heavy but this majlis has to be attended. Maybe it is a sign that good things will come along in this new year.

this time around I just want to be a good person to my family, friends and people that come to me for whatever reasons.


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