Two weddings and an exam

Today my dearest wife started her final exam. She is doing her PhD by coursework with INCIEF (a BNM training arm). My prayers are always for her to be calm and collected during the exam and she will come out of it with full success. I dropped her off at the exam center and headed to Sg Buloh for a khenduri. There were a lot of khenduri today; I don’t really know why today, maybe it is just a fine day to hold a reception. Even Mawi and Ekin got married this morning. Hmmm that bald and skinny guy from Felda Andak (I can’t remember, it sounds like that) has finally got married. All the best to Mawi…when are you coming out with a new album……asyik jalan makan angin aje! Anyway getting married makes people look complete. Is that why we got married? I wonder! So that people around us will feel better. Do we feel better? I do (in case you want me to answer that). But many of my friends got married and it did not work out…so tragic but as they say life has to go on. We just pick up the pieces and go on. The wedding at Sg Buloh was the son of our dearest secretary at the faculty. I arrived just about the same time as the rombongan pengantin got there. So the set up was a bit special with the kompang and all. The pengantin looked very handsome and pretty. I looked at them and smiled to myself for no apparent reason. I guess we all love beauty and beautiful things…and this young couple is definitely beautiful. The karaoke just stopped to make way for a ceremonial entry by the pengantin. I was sitting there trying to finish the nasi; it was quite good actually but the menu is always the same, I wonder again…is there a standard menu for khenduri.I went to this khenduri alone as my wife is sitting for her exam and my kids would not be interested to come. What a mistake ! never go alone to a khenduri and hoping to find your friends there. You would end up eating alone like a crazy lonely man. You really do! Believe me. Even if your friends were there ,they would be with their family or other friends and you would feel awkward among so many people. So what I did was, eat up and get the hell out of there as fast as you can. Never mind you did not have the time to enjoy the nasi; you will find it again in another khenduri. So that’s what I did ;made a dash out of there and went on to the second khenduri.

The next one was in Kajang. Hmmmmm….that’s a long way from Sg. Buloh. The question is …to go or not to go. I went along with the traffic as my mind looking for that answer. The time was almost 3pm and by the time you got there the nasi might be gone already. I reasoned with myself. But this one is a dear friend how could you stood up an invitation from a friend…..maybe he will not notice you…….by this time I was already passed Puchong and was about to hit the highway to Kajang. Before long I was stuck in a traffic in the middle of Kajang. Now what? I scrambled for the card looking for my way to the house. The map did not help much; just go and it must be somewhere around here. After a few u-turns I made it to the second khenduri. Walllaa……the same nasi; you see you come all the way across town and the menu is exactly the same. I ate up and made a quick dash out of there. But of course to show your face first so that to feel not too guilty for spending so much time driving and filling up the gas. So artificial, isn’t it? Ah well there goes my Saturday.

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