Our Haj Story : Hello Madinah !

Selesai Haji and we were off to Madinah. Our host pakcik Abdul Rahman is in the front.

Our Malaysian student group from UK.(Bro Nigeria(& wife) tu numpang kita orang, they’re from Hull)

Madinah was completely different from Makkah. The weather was a bit cooler, the town was neatly landscaped and the area was cleaner compared to Makkah. We stayed just nearby the Great Mosque of the prophet (Masjid Nabawi). While in Madinah , spent sometime visiting historical sites around the town; Masjid Quba’, Masjid Qiblatain (the mosque with two qiblats) and Jabal Uhud. At Jabal Uhud, it was nothing monumental except for the little hill and the tomb of Saidina Hamzah and a few sahabah who fell shaheed during the battle of uhud. However, being there would take you back in time. You can see and feel the sand and dust from the kicking horses. The spots where they (the enemies) gathered to recharge and reenter the battle. The place where they supposed to stay in guard and all. It was quite interesting at least for me as I like the battle stories better than anything else from the seerah. After two days in Madinah we took a bus toJeddah for our flight back to London. Reached Heathrow Airport around 4.30 pm and home in Colchester two hours later. AlhamduliLlah the kids were all fine.

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