Visiting Prof Kamarudin Salleh (Pakdin)

Pakdin was very cheerful yesterday when we arrived. He must be bored doing nothing in the room alone. We spent more than two hours chatting and talking about a lot of things. From his grueling pains to his passion for Semesta. He’s really a man with great patience. Every once in a while the pain showed up on his face. He suffered a lot but we were brave enough to put up a smile hoping for everything to be okay.

Pakdin asked about Semesta; straight to my face. I just couldn’t say much as I have resigned from the presidency a week ago. I know from his face that things that are happening have made him sad and frustrated. I explained my reasons. He understood well I guess because we are from the same background ….academic. There are things in academic that go beyond compromise. At one point or another once we reach that particular spot; we have to make decisions.

Pakdin gave a few suggestions for me to take home. I will sleep on it.

Whatever happens we want Pakdin to know that his contributions to Semesta are huge and he will always be our Pakdin.

Contemplating the future of Semesta. We will sort it out. We hope Pakdin will recover soon and back to his research and teaching.

However, when a friend asked Pakdin, Nordin pergi pukul berapa ? he replied, “Nordin belum sampai lagi” ……I hope the morfin works temporarily and he will remember our visit again.

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