When The Heavens Wept

Under the cold cloudy sky
time seems to stand still
the serenity of body and soul
finally at peace
the morning dews drop
sent down from the heavens

cry no more Tuan Guru
we are here, we are all here
behind you
to provide and protect
the motherland of ours
even if the heavens call upon you
we will still be here
to chant and cherish
the hope that you’ve given us
—when there is hopelessness
The courage
–when there is disappointment and despair
The reason to live and be alive
–when death is inevitable

Shed your tears Tuan Guru
The evils have gone
Washed away by the tsunami of iman and islam
What left is the monument of true belief
The greed and hypocrisy once again
Plunged into abyss
For a million years to come

Don’t cry Tuan Guru
This land is ours
Forever and ever
So the children can understand
The true words from heavens
Without fear and intimidations
To live heavenly ever after
In the land
Where the green and white flag
Fly high above the sky
To show the world …….
That Iman and Islam rule here.

Don’t cry my dear Tuan Guru
Up above
the heavens will weep with you
for people have betrayed their pledge
to live and die with Islam
but instead
they stole the truth from us
protect the ugly little bastard
that rape the children
keep the dirty ones in the house
let the evils
speak and intimidate Islam
we will have that no more
in this beloved land of Kelantan
the last frontier of our belief
to cradle the true believers and warriors
that will continue
our journey for a better future.

Don’t cry Tuan Guru
We are all here
For God and human kind.

shah alam
march 8, 2008

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