Raya 2008 : Time to reconnect …

The Raya celebration was a bit quiet this year compared to the one we had last year. I am not disappointed at all nor do I beg for a pity from anyone. We (the AJK in out last meeting) have anticipated the low turn up this year based on the commitment from certain quarters in Semesta ( it sounds like a political party after losing the last general election isn’t it?)…that’s why we reduced the order and toned down the menu. But still it is a wholesome of money to be wasted (on food, advertising and futsal courts). This won’t happen again I hope. Despite many did not turn up for reasons god only knows, a few came and apparently have overcome all those reasons. Hmmmm…make one wonders why ? I guess if Semesta were about to be ceased to exist these would the ones that will protect it …..our last samurais ! They are not as handsome as Tom Cruise but their presence meant a lot to someone like me. Thank you guys.

So whatever it is, this tradition will stay and we will see each other again same place, same time next year. Maybe for some, to come to the majlis is to see the same old faces and having the same old dishes; but one fails to realize the important of reconnecting the old friendships and our life history. For me the trip to the school has always been revealing and refreshing. Though my past at the school not seem to be as colorful as others but as the saying goes “ tempat jatuh lagi dikenang”, there is a need for me to come and re-conciliate with my past. Maybe different people have different perspectives in life.

Enough of that. Semesta has suck up a lot more of my time and energy than I expected. I like the opportunity to know the alumni but once a problem came across you will spend endless time trying to justify the reasons for doing it all….mainly for your own sake. I do not have that much time anymore. At the end of the day everyone is laughing at their own party; leaving you hopelessly in the dark…thinking why? Why? Why?

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