The night I prayed with the angels

For over forty years of my life, last night was very special indeed. It was the 27th Ramadhan and I had the opportunity to attend the qiam (night prayers) with my friends at the nearby surau(place of worship) at about 4am. For Muslim all over the word, the night of the 27th Ramadhan is very very special as we believe all angels would descend to the face of the earth and pray with us from dusk to dawn. As mystic as it might all possibly be, I was there and could feel the presence of these angels all through the night.
Allahumma Ya Rabbi
Forgive this one soul, for the thoughts and the speech and the hands might have gone astray from your path
Forgive my family if they ever crossed your lines in their daily chores as they lack of knowledge
Forgive all muslim for the faith they never really knew and the ignorant they pose in their actions.
Indeed all praise be to Allah, we praise Him , we seek His help and forgiveness.
We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of our souls and the evils of our actions.
Allahumma Ya Rabbi
Our nation is in great distress and difficulties
Forgive us if this is the punishment for all of our deeds
Save this nation
Save this country
From the leaders that see greed as opportunities
Lies as the sacred sermon, smiles as the key to support, lust as the gift from heavens, corruption as the good deeds, suffering voices as the annoying grouses, poverty as the rightful cause of their actions, fame as his rightful trait and power as a God-given command to save the world.
Unite us all under the banner of humanity and prosperity
For we can no longer bare the burden of differences
Allahumma Ya Rabbi
Give us the strength and will
To fight the fahsya and the munkar
That have attacked our olds and youngs
Ruining their hopes and their futures
Please forgive us all
Make this land safe and sound again
For the flowers to bloom and the birds to sing again
So we can grow older gracefully
And be at peace….for eternity.
Amin Ya Rabbal Alaamin.
The prayers ended at 5.15am.

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