Alumni Buka Puasa 2008

It was simply the best.(period)

Indeed it was. Majlis Berbuka Puasa Semesta 2008 was the best event this year any alumni could ever encounter. The “best” because we are the best ummah (khairun ummah) among the best of friends doing the best thing in the world (buka puasa is the best deed for Muslim in this month of fasting) in the best month of Ramadhan on the brink of the best ten days of Ramadhan when the best night of al-qadr might occur(it might be last might) at the best restaurant in the world with the best food ( nothing could be better than the kambing panggang). So what else anyone could possibly ask for.

I would like , on behalf of Semesta, to thank Mat Kamil and Mattblacqk for the initiatives and the whole Semesta family for the support. It shows we care about each other, about Semesta and this whole alumni thing; but sometime we have our own way of showing it ( I guess that is how we all do it). I am sad that not all of us had the opportunity to come and enjoy the company. Semesta should do more of this so that others could join in as well but again the constraints are there and we have no liberty to go beyond out limit.

It turned out very well I guess last night ,actually beyond my expectations. Many more new faces turned up and I am always delightful to meet these people and talk to them. I had sometime last night amid the chaos of getting the best kambing part to talk and know a few. A special gratitude should go to Prof Pakdin for his effort in bringing over Pak Widodo and wife. On behalf of Semesta, we gave him a little gift—mushaf al-quran from yayasan restu; beautiful stuff. Hope Bapak would use it in these last ten days of Ramadhan so we could get our share of bounty as well. But the best thing was that to meet him finally; because I missed the event at Pakdin‘s house last time. Pak Widodo was one of my favorite teachers although I could hardly understand what he was saying in the class. I remember his passion and spirit to teach us was immensely incomparable. Even last night he was very eager to show me all the old photos that he brought along and spoke proudly of his students. He missed a few names but that was some 30 odd years ago. The reminiscence of old memories has got me to realize that we are nothing without our teachers and friends that have colored the rainbows for us. Last night we bumped into each other with a plate of nasi at one hand and a glass of water at the other as we were long time ago in the dewan makan. The same atmosphere as if we travelled the time back to the great old days; only today the smiles and the gestures have more meaning and value.

I wish the time stood still and I could sit down and chat . A lot of stories to tell and tales to be laughed at. Maybe some stayed longer but sooner or later we have to depart; as always. The thing that life has taught us many many times; that our encounter is temporary—enjoy it while we can. I am sure there will be other time and opportunity to meet ( one of them is the coming Majlis Raya)—and it would be a whole new sets of faces I am sure. The lesson being not to miss any of them but to go to all of them.

Bravo to Batch 88 . Thanks for letting us “menumpang” your event. But as you can see nothing wrong with it…just got merrier and more fun. Paradigma “perkauman batch” ni must stop. it would not get us anywhere. Believe me.

Nayo was drooling leleh for that piece of kambing panggang. I myself could not resist it but with the pantang for meat I limited myself to a couple of slices. Last time in the US we could finish the whole roasted lamb in one sitting(including the head)—gara-gara pergi rumah pak arab.

Bbe nak dada ke paha ?! and Ura81 contemplating the future of Semesta.

MKA & son ushering the guests; and there even was a banner. (please get the name of Tengku Mahkota right—it is Tengku Muhammad nanti murka pulak tengku. Banner Majlis Raya pun sama tapi mungkin dah tak sempat nak bekki.)

The smiles say it all. make one wonders what is so special about skolah sains kelantan/faris petra. I guessed it was in that nasi kawah or rubbery chicken or boiled eggs or sekut tawar or…….

Our super seniors Prof Pakdin and Abe Shakry (also Abe Hashim Perkeso). Thanks a lot for coming, please come and join us again. Did not have enough time to chat; too busy looking for that sate ayam….asyik abis saja !

MKA was busy preparing the collection box.It’s again myself underestimating the generosity of all alumni. I asked for a pre payment, maybe that had turned some people off. But I have to, I apologise. After the Futsal Tournament we came up short over 1K and Semesta had to dig deep into the wallet to top that of. It was excruciatingly painful as we were already dry out of cash. That’s the reason why we had to put off all Ramadhan programs. Time and again all alumni have proved that we together can make a difference. Bravo to all.

Free at last ! Free at last! : our alumni Sheih Kickdefella freed from ISA.

We can say he had virtually joined us for Buko Posa as well through the TV.

Pak Jitno Widodo. Still as he were 30 over years ago.

PD and wife.

Koce and hmmmmm…….Huh?Huh?

This guy cracked jokes all over the place last night. He is really a funny man…different from his forum postings. In case some don’t get it who he is ….hmmmm.. G..I’m not telling! histerika.gif

with Lokman81 whom finally agreed to apologise to Pak Widodo for what happened long time ago . What was it Mae that you had done?! He did not tell I just guessing.

Pok Jak…first time meeting him.

Ok one more before I went off…were you guys waiting for me to go? hmm I had a feeling…..maybe to finish off that kambing huh!. anyway superb night everyone! take care.

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