My Dark Moments #1 : the school days

I was grateful to get into this school of mine until I realised that I was at the Gate of Hell ….

My school days ……. full of memorable moments
The dark ones especially, stone-carved for eternity
In the corner of my mind
It was the best school you could possibly go, they all said
The best in hell I supposed
It was like yesterday when I sat in the classroom
What’s this place? Who are these people?
Some faces looked nice and so friendly
The others blank and lost
But later they all had one thing in common
Bold and brutal
Form One was fun and exciting
The teacher came in and asked where have all the chalks gone
I went away and came back with a bunch
They made me a monitor for that effort
Not that I know how to be one
Just want to impress the girls … the pretty li’l girls
I tried to get one … the girls I mean
But never succeeded…they went for the macho ones
I dreamt on …until I realized that’s what I’m good at … dreaming
They called me names (never mind…no need to spell that out)
For the stupid face with no hair and the sweet li’l ass that I got

The following year was terrible … I mean hell !
The big boys knew about my sweet li’l ass
And started to chase me around when the lights went out
I’d end up at the place where I always hide…. the toilet
Sometime I woke up and still there …. in the toilet
I was weak and small and never put up a fight
So lonely and confused I could not imagine
how I got through all those years
full of misery

Once this boy asked me to swap beds
I sleep in your bed and you can sleep in my bed
Night after night after night
I just didn’t understand why but never dare to ask
This swapping thing went on for a week or so
And then one night he said
I sleep in your bed but you can’t sleep in mine
Now, where in hell am I suppose to sleep ?!
Looking back , now I realize what it was all about
He didn’t want to make up his bed in the morning !!!

the nightmare continues ….

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