A wish you wish not to get wished

Happy Birthday !

Today I turned forty-something. A reminder that I am not keen to hear. But alhamdulillah Allah has given me a wonderful life with a wonderful family. I have nothing to complain really. I have been to places that I had never dreamt to be. The opportunity to prove myself in many many occasions. I failed a lot but grateful for the few successes in life. I have become a better person today and learnt a lot from my mistakes. I would like to stop pursuing things and start living and giving; but life seems so far ahead with all sort of interesting stuff to get into.

Looking back, life is really a miracle. I have grown into a man with his own destiny. I never had a dream… jangan beranganlah…ko tak kemana….those were the sayings that has become my belief. I was poor , hopeless with a dead-end future. but by the grace of God things had been looking up. The miracles really started early in my life ; poor is a blessing in diguise. I can tell you that today….after so many years.

life is like travelling in an airplane. You would start to descend at some point in the journey as the plane appoaches its destination. My descend has started already and soon enough I will reach my destination. Am I sad? scared? confused? not really. I am okay. It would be another point in life where you stop pursuing things.

In the beginning there were three of us … Aqeelah joined us in 1991

Then …Ariefah came during the flood in December 1993.

Nabiela made up our three little princesses in 1995…we took her to London for a four-year stay.

Maryam came a long as we were about to book our flight back to Malaysia in 1999.

Then the handsome chap (Ahmad) finally arrived into our family.

Happy Birthday to me!

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