MAHA 2008

Visited the MAHA show today. I don’t know about you but I feel like going to the pasar malam near my house. Except for that big-dick horse and macho jamnapari goats other stuff like krepek this and that, juice from strange fruits are all the familiar items from a standard pasar malam. Well maybe I went on a wrong day; even being told to get off the bus because the driver wanted to have lunch. What was that? the environment was all wrong. No easy-fun-fair feelings that make you feel worth the trip for your family. Had to queue up for a tram ride…..a very long queue. Where have all the trams gone? I saw them parked by the lake…4-5 of them. And you made the visitors sweated like shit waiting and fighting to get on the few trams that came around. I an tired of this. really tired.

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