Happy 1st Anniversary

Exactly one year ago I was elected as the President of Persatuan Alumni SMS Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, Kota Bharu Kelantan. It has been a long one year odyssey to the horizon that seems has no end. Like a long dive down to the abyss. Nothing got settled in SEMESTA where everyone has his own agenda. They want to do their own stuff, by their own people, play their own games and of course celebrate among themsleves. Sometimes they do come and show off. And that would get me thinking of the whole purpose myself being the president. Maybe it’s a joke. Well could be and someone has been laughing all along that this stupid guy has fallen to their tunes all this time.
I took up the presidency because I wanted to do something to my alma mater. I truly believe that it’s time to give back to my old school, to the younger generations, to the community and my whole friends. I have got a comfortable life for my family and I and now it’s time to let someone else get the share. I want to give back. Unfortunately with the position comes a lot more than that, things that I am not prepared to deal with. well they are a lot I don’t even know where to start. the picture looks like a dark monsoon cloud waiting to pour misery upon whomever beneath it. Today i realised that I have to get out from this place. I have been here too long waiting for things to happen; it never did. Not without you getting down and dirty yourself, losing time, money and energy for nothing…….not you the president himself! that’s it I want to put a stop to this misery. Today.

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