The Liwat Case : Saiful did the Mubahalah

I read in disbelief today as Saiful Bahrin Mohd Azlan did the mubahalah shortly after the ‘Asr prayers at Masjid Wilayah. He seemed to be going all out to prove that his ass being dicked by Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim. Who is in the world to let people know the thing being done to him if he really telling the truth. I have started to have doubts for this guy having some kind of conspiracy to bring DSAI down and out of the Malaysian politics. If I were in Saiful’s shoes , i would do the same thing and somehow I could feel the feelings of restlessness so as long as the matter does not resolve. Pity him. His voice and call for help seem to disappear into the thin air and his cry dwarfs by the gigantic egocentricism of DSAI and his friends of high places. The whole saga of this passion crime has put my own conscience into disarray. We have a high profile politician at one side and a coffee boy at another; who would you put your money on ? The world has come to a twisted dwindle doo of modern ills where old set of moral rules have not really helpful. But again it’s not really new because the same crime has been commited by many long time ago as stated in the holy Quran. But the Saiful -Anwar case is still haunting me as we are going into the Permatang Pauh by-election. What if Anwar won the seat? Would he be able to walk into the parliament and take command? What if Saiful had been telling the truth ? We would end up having someone talking shit as a PM by the day and licking dicks at night. eeeeuuuuggghhhh so gross! But again if he came out of the closet that would be a different story.
The lying and the double-talking shit are really putting me off. If you had really enjoyed the sex with the boy, just say it laa. It’s just getting too much for the poor Saiful. Not only him, me, my neighbors and the whole damn nation.And Saiful has done his part of the mubahalah; now it’s his turn. It’s like a great painting of van Gogh with a spot of tahi cicak on it; spoils the whole picture.
BTW, who is the Top ? who is the Bottom? Enquiring mind wants to know……
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