The MACFEA Conference 2008

Spending time at the MACFEA Conference in Uniten. Datuk Shahrir was there talking nonsense about the changing life of his buddies in Kelantan ….now they have to eat beras hancur 15%; before they would not look at this beras because most Kelantanese would go for the better beras siam. Not better la datuk …cheaper. Everyone is going for the cheaper things nowadays, remember…everything has gone up what!. he went on telling how the government hasto make such and such move based on facts and not emotions as certain people are doing or claiming can be done …hmmmm wonder who that might be. Interesting stuff but time has always been the problem. In any conference people always do not know how to manage the time properly and as a result things could not discussed thoroughly. Some talked too long or arrived too late or waiting for something to get here..and the whole schedule goes haywire. The presentations or parallel sessions are always going to be the victim…being squeezed around to make time for lunch. aaaah lunch! the favorite part of the conference, a must-go session and not to be missed for whatever reasons. Book your table early and go and get every single bit of the food available. All the curries on top of bariani rice, roasted chicken and mash potatoes, the bubur, the soup and assorted sweets. make sure do not miss anything….you know we paid for this. sounds familiar huh! yeaah it happened to me too but I am over it now. When I see people doing that I just smile and give a big sigh……bad habits never die. It still bad even if everyone is doing it. You could not stuff it down your tummy anyway so why the need to take it. You see by the time you finished that rice everything else will be as ugly as the cow’s dung. Believe me you won’t be able to eat them all…it’s just the urge, the self-centeredness and the stupidity within us all. Next time just take what you want to eat and enjoy it with the company you have at the table. You won’t miss a thing other than getting a new friend.(pix : my wife Salwana made her debut research presentation at the conference Bravo!).

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