UiTM For All : Ultimately it will come to this … SOB!

Tan Sri Khalid The MB of Selangor iterated the needs for UiTM to open its door to all Malaysians not just the Malays/Bumis. Before I go any further I would like to ask Khalid to take his words and shove it up his you know what. What is he thinking ? Does he really know what he is saying? Maybe since taking the MB chair he is now the robinhood of the other Malaysians. Trying to rob the Malays from their “benteng terakhir “ and give it to others. I guess the pressure within Pakatan is heating up and all sorts of our so called “social contracts” have started to burn.

UiTM is protected under Perlembagaan to serve the poorly educated Bumis; and it should remain so for as long as the Malays/Bumis are lagging behind in education. Indeed, we are still behind and there are young Malay school leavers who could not get into UiTM because of no place anywhere in Malaysia. The need to educate the Malays is still vital and remains the pivotal role of UiTM.
Maybe Khalid should explain more why he has started to betray the Malays when we put all our trust on him and his party to champion the Malays in Selangor . Has he forgotten his own roots? Maybe Khalid and Dr Halimah should start looking after their own backyard with Unisel and Inpens struggling to meet the ends.

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