I have to make an entry today; such a unique date (08-08-08). Olympics will start in a few hours, it would be great to see how the chinese show off their taste of granduer and extravaganza. Back home we have our own olympics or rather appropriately called “political circus” that no one seems to win.

The DSAI case of sodomy is coming to a climax (not that orgasmic climax, but …you know what I mean). At one end he is stuck with the legal wrap-around and the less-anticipated by-election at the other. So we would be seeing a lot of him in the next couple of months or so. I would go for the Olympics as all this political bru-ha-ha has made me feeling nausea already. The question is when is it gonna end? the people are getting squeezed with sky-rocketing food and oil prices and all we have heard is whether the fler’s ass being rammed or not. The nation has come to a new state of minds after 50 years of independence—the sorry state.

My heart goes to fellow blogger –Penarik Beca, being scooped to the lock up,for speaking his mind. And you call this a free country, free my ass. Hello people…the sh-shhhh culture has long gone la. That was before now is a new era—-being truthful to ourself and those around us. We say what we feel and no one has the right to stop that. But the problem is some people feel that the country is theirs and can do whatever they feel like because everyone else is a no-good-moron. I am sick to the stomach for such an attitude and more so coming from an institution that supposedly to guard the well-being of the people. may ALlah give strength and patient to Penarik Beca and his family to go through this ordeal.

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